ggf in handThe Yarrowee-Leigh Catchment Group received a threatened species grant from the state government to undertake a frog project.

We are focusing on the Growling Grass Frog known to inhabit the dams at Narmbool Estate where we will establish ideal habitat through fencing and revegetation. The second part of the project is about involving the public in collecting frog recordings from around Ballarat and beyond. This will help to provide base data of which frog species are living where so we can help protect them.

If you are interested in being involved all you have to do is join the wildlife database Bowerbird, a take a clear recording of frog calls using your smart phone and upload them to our newly established database group - Ballarat and Beyond Froggers. Then wildlife experts will be able to identify your call.

If you have any questions please contact Jane on  or 0426 873 202.

We will also be running training days and frog survey events so stay tuned to our events page and Facebook page.