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The Yarrowee Leigh Catchment Group Board consists of people who are members of one of the Landcare Groups which make up the Leigh Catchment Network or landholders within the Leigh Catchment Group. We hold at least six Board meetings annually. Our Board meeting dates our advertised on the events calendar on our home page. 

Our Board member are passionate about the environment and are committed to Landcare principles at the whole catchment level. If you would like to find out more information about the Yarrowee Leigh Catchment Group Boards activities please view the following links:

Yarrowee Leigh Catchment Group Incorporated, Rules for the Committee of Management (known as the Board) 

To become a member of the Yarrowee Leigh Catchment Group please view the follow link:

Yarrowee Leigh Catchment Group Membership Form and Fact Sheet

 Board Meeting Summmaries


Board Agendas


Landcare Group Reports

The Landcare Group Report provides an update on activites the different Landcare Groups within the Leigh Catchment Group have been been undertaking and planning for the future.





FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (16 August 2016 Board Meeting Agenda.pdf)Board Agenda 16 August 2016Board Agenda 16 August 2016269 kB
Download this file (Agenda 14 February 2017.pdf)Board Agenda 14 February 2017 361 kB
Download this file (Agenda 28 March 2017.pdf)Board Agenda 28 March 2017Board Agenda 28 March 2017244 kB
Download this file (Agenda 9 May 2017.pdf)Board Agenda 9 May 2017Board Agenda 9 May 2017345 kB
Download this file (AGM Agenda 2016.pdf)AGM AGENDA 2016AGM AGENDA 2016275 kB
Download this file (AGM Nomination and self nomination Form 2016.pdf)Committee of Management Nomination FormNomination Form350 kB
Download this file (Board August 2016.pdf)Board Talk August 2016Board Talk August 2016127 kB
Download this file (Board Meeting Agenda 16 Feb 2016.pdf)Board Meeting Agenda 16 February 2016 232 kB
Download this file (Board Meeting Agenda 17 May 2016.pdf)Board Meeting Agenda 17 May 2016 289 kB
Download this file (Board Meeting Agenda 19 July 2016.pdf)Board Agenda 19 July 2016Board Agenda 19 July 2016282 kB
Download this file (Board Meeting Agenda 5 April 2016.pdf)Board Meeting Agenda 5 Apil 2016 289 kB
Download this file (Board Rules 2016.pdf)Rules for Committee of Management 2016Rules373 kB
Download this file (Draft minutes of LCG AGM  2015.pdf)Draft AGM Minutes 2015Draft AGM Minutes 2015170 kB
Download this file (Landcare Group Reports for Board Meeting  9 May 2017.pdf)Landcare Group Reports 9 May 2017 461 kB
Download this file (Landcare Groups Report 28th March 2017.pdf)Landcare Group Reports 28 March 2017 558 kB
Download this file (Landcare Groups Reports - 17 May 2016.pdf)Landcare Groups Reports - 17 May 2016.pdfLandcare Group Report 17 May 2016476 kB
Download this file (Landcare Groups Reports August 2016.pdf)Landcare Groups Reports August 2016Landcare Groups Reports August 2016325 kB
Download this file (Landcare Groups Reports for LCG Board Meeting 14 Februaru 2017.pdf)Landcare Groups Report 14 February 2017 454 kB
Download this file (Landcare Groups Reports for LCG Board Meeting 28 June 2016.pdf)Landcare Group Report 28 June 2016 432 kB
Download this file (Membership Fact Sheet and Application Form.pdf)LCG Membership Form LCG Membership Form139 kB
Download this file (Summary of LCG Board Meeting 5 April 2016.pdf)Summary of Board Meeting 5 April 2016 284 kB
Download this file (YLCG Draft Constitution September 22 2016 Final edit.pdf)YLCG Draft Constitution YLCG Draft Constitution 262 kB